Progredior – next to Darkworks, it is the second project I work with in my spare time from IT.
Two years ago I performed live for the first time after a break in almost 8 years – after such a time I told myself that if my hearing and time allow me to do it – I will stick to it. The first pair of shows strongly in terms of acid mixed with deep techno – they somehow went 😉

You can easily find my set “Darkworks” or the performance of my friend Maciek Wowek in DMC (the set lasted over 3 hours, so this 1 hour is a big shortcut).

However, I would not be myself if I forgot or abandoned Progressive, with which I spent many years and met many wonderful people, such as Artur Fabiański (CJ Art), Marek Bartosiński (Marcooz), Tymek Cypla (Viscid, Spiral-InGroove, The Same), and many many others that I am not able to mention because it would take the next few pages – but I promise to write a little bit about their next achievements from time to time.

I took a long time to record something just as progressive as the old “Darkside Chronicles” – but seeing how much of it we have in stores now made me realize how much I fell out of circulation.
Fortunately, a short reconnaissance of the market and something suitable was quickly found in the maze of production. I already know that I have new favorite labels 😉

For years, when we finished our adventure with Phatt Sounds, I have been closely watching (although I am not as “effusive” on the Internet as I used to) the works of former acquaintances and friends. What he does, how much work does CJ Art put into his passion – it’s something amazing. Respect you for this strength and may it last forever. The job you are doing is great and the materials in your labels are TOP.

Going back to the hour that I would like to share – recorded completely spontaneously, and in it productions: Peres (OMG tomcat of the Polish scene, also with a short break, but he came back hammering with the door to the salons), Cream and his new EP in Deepersense CJ Art, and some other older and newer productions.

Let’s hear.