Tomasz Gudowski is a dj and producer from Poland. From 1998 in journey with electronic music which is Progressive, Deep, and Tribal House. Owner of biggest in Poland “team” of djs and producers – PHATT SOUNDS; where he with friends working on promotion of their and not only music under Creative Commons licence, 100% for free; also on events organisation. Between 2007 and 2012 year he was one of main artists from Pure Substance Records (I love You guys!) from Malaysia.

Since 2008 to 2012 Gudowski joined in and worked on Native Instruments promotion in Poland, as co-promoter of their software and hardware with official polish distributor; he also started worked with Polish DJ Magazine. In 2009 Tomasz joined in to group SUDAM from Argentina, where he worked as artist and AR/PR in Poland. Gudowski also provided he’s monthly podcast over the network of music stations like from Greece, from USA, and from Romania.

Tomasz co-operated with many artists, djs, producers like Moshe Shlomi (Mo-Shic), Yannis Pennas (dPen), Marek Bartosinski (Marcooz), Artur Fabianski (CJ Art), Pawel Kwitek (Paul Kwitek), Jonatan Tesei (Kintar), Sebastian Pazos (REX), and many more! Still forwarding his idea of promotion underground music.

All previous and past releases under labels like Pure Substance Records, Audioholics Anonymous, and others over network music shops like Beatport, Juno, DJDownload, and others. Check his free releases also – specially album PROGGRESSION which was supported by many artists over the world, only in PHATT SOUNDS at < 100% free.

After an almost 7-year hiatus in 2020 – he is back to work behind the scenes. Actually dynamically refreshing all the material and mainly heading towards Techno with a brand new project…

Thank You all for Your support, all the best.