2008 – Beach Breeze


2008-05-09, Pure Substance Records


Next release from PSR is a summer orientated progressive track. Gudowski of Poland on the card here, Beach Breeze is set to raise the summer vibe with its deep discoish mood, while upcoming and rising star, Petersky delivers a nice and sexy deep house vibe mix.

Two bonus track in the name of Midway Sessions, a laidback chugger and Sadness, is one of the deep and floaty prog laden dish that might melt you down.


Mental X – Will play the deeper mix from Petersky of Beach Breeze. 8 out of 10.

Hernan Cattaneo – Petersky remix and Midway Sessions for me.

Leigh Morgan (Urban Torque) – Nice package without it being really outstanding, I like the Petersky remix, and Midway Sessions was pretty cool, so I may give them a spin out.

Sam Greive (Native) – Enjoyed the Beach Breeze Original the most, with it’s cool melodies! Then Sadness also was a tight little piece with some lush sounds.

Darin Epsilon – Petersky remix is a real pleasure to listen to. Extremely deep and sexy progressive house, just the way I like it. A very impressive and mature sound as always. Petersky proves time and time again that he is one of the most viable producers in the progressive scene. Full support on this, will be charting and playing out. The original mix is a nice, warm, and playful tune. Loving the elaborate chord progressions in this, but some of the sounds bother me enough that I wouldn’t be able to play this version out.

Ben Wijay (Phreakin Recordings/Entrada Recordings) – Loving the Petersky remix. Lovely change mid track, takes it up a gear. Will play.

Dibby Dougherty – Petersky remix is the only one for me, sweet deep melodic house, very nice remix.

Aldrin – Definitely feeling Petersky remix. And Sadness has a lovely deep melancholic feel.

Sean McClelland – Beach Breeze Original is the one for me in this package. Had a nice old school prog house feel to it.

balErik (Discoteca Music) – Midway Sessions and Petersky mix are great.

Tobias Hoppe – My faves are Petersky remix and Midway Sessions. I’m playing them for a while now and still love them. I will chart them.

J. Khobb – Petersky remix is the one that does it for me!! A really nice summerish vibe. Perfect for the beginning of the night.

Eelke Kleijn – Like the Petersky remix!

Joe Sweeney – Good package of tracks here. Will chart and play them.

BP Zulauf (Helvetica/Shove) – Petersky mix is the pick of the bunch, really solid deep house.

Matt Black (Segment Records UK) – Petersky remix of Beach Breeze is rather cool, nice deep grooves!

Steve Mill – Quality ep mate. Really like Beach Breeze track even more the Petersky remix. Pure quality.

Arjun Vagale (Jalebee Cartel) – Really digging Beach Breeze!! Just a perfect summer tune. We’re doing Sunday pool parties, and I will be sure to drop this one!!

Hyline (Carsten Kurzidim) A&R Jetlag Digital/Adult Music/Friskyradio (Germany) – Sadness: Good beat and this is really for rainy days.

LLavoe (Brian Regan) WHI Productions/Orlando FL – Nice track!

Sasha Le Monnier (COU Muzik) – Original: Like the build and that fat synth, cool use of vocals as well. Nice track! Petersky Remix: This has a nice groove to it for the more funkier/earlier,techier sounds in my sets. Nice remix! Midway Sessions: The pads just carry this track big time, real emotional track that will make a great set opening tune!!

Facundo Romano – The Original and the remix of Petersky, I will play a lot!!! 8/10 for boths.

Alex MANGO – Nice tunes! Love the Beach Breeze both the remix and the Original! Also would like to mention unusual sounding of the Sadness track, found it very curious.

Masque – The Petersky remix is great, love that housey vibe, really funky bassline and cool synth work. Supporting it.

StereoK – Both Beach Breeze are great! Petersky remix works really well for my radio shows!

Max Flyant (Silk Digital) – Awesome release, guys! Enjoyed Midway Sessions, Beach Breeze mixes. Quality summer sound! Very light and positive.

Jordi Riera (Mexico) – The complete EP is fucking great! LOVE IT!!

Dj Harsh – Liking the Petersky remix of Beach Breeze. A nice groovy summer tune to play out on a Sunday afternoon while sippin on some chilled beer. Sadness has got a good vibe to it as well.

Fred Numf – This one kick ass. Petersky remix, strong bassline. In my bag.

Dj Hano (Bounenkai/Exotica) Japan – I like this style, Original Mix. Beautiful melody, nice one.

Moshic – Midway Sessions, nice.

Joel Amstrong (Dot Dot Records/Proton Radio) – The Petersky remix kick ass!

Flash Brothers – Really like the Original Mix, rocks!

Samer Salhab aka Dj Samer (Evrydaydowners) – This EP reminded me of WMC! Nice one mate, I really like it. 7/10

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