2007 – Late Night Trip


2007-12-19, Pure Substance Records


Polish based Gudowski returns back on Pure Substance with Late Night Trip. The mood on the Original is deep, trippy and housey. It is simple yet effective. The Dub Edit is shorter but still adds a punch with its light kick and twinkle groove.

On the remixes front, our very own Xplore delivers two driving prog remix for the bigroom. Fans of Xplore will not be disappointed with these 2. Polish Marcooz and a mate of Gudowski himself, strikes up a deep dark melodic prog remix, a mood that slowly builds up to it end. Arek Bal, yet another Polish artist, delivers an electro proggy style, with haunting synth and groovy bassline all over it.

Lastly, Maya Ismo who is also a Polish but residing in Ireland now, drops the whole tempo down for her remix. Its experimental, its deep, its floaty and it’s for those who like it chill !

– Charted 24th place on Richmond Records Pool for January 2008


Andrew K – Both Xplore remixes are really good, prefer the Sun & Moon one. Dub Edit version also cool.

Stereo K – Very interesting track. Really enjoy Xplore’s mixes and also Arek Bal Contrasts Remix.

Robytek – I like it as in my world. My fav version Marcooz mix but Xplore’s Sun & Moon Mix is a bit better mixing. Good work. I’ll play it soon.

Nick K – Dub edit is absolutely beautiful and so is Maya Ismo and Marcooz remix. Great deep stuff!!!!

Xplore – Original Mix is nice dubbish feeling with ambient pads and lush melodies, cool mixed yet very interesting and original style. Big up.

Rodrigo Espinoza – Xplore Full On Prog is the remix for me. Xplore always bring a great sound on his production. From the begining you know this track is gonna be a great journey.

Chris Sterio – Xplore mix doing the job. Good to see him on Pure Substance again.

Paul Kwitek – This is one of my fav of the bunch. Great remixes here and pretty nice harmonies! Winner release.

Mei Yew Hon – Gudowski release is very cool and subtle.

M&D Substance – Supporting it.

Zur-face – Not much times we find a beautiful sound like this EP. Our fav the Original mix. This EP play between chill fx, fat chord bass and progressive sounds, is excellent for every moment. 8/10

Sam Greive (Native) – Really liked the Marcooz mix of this one. Great sounds and really strongly put together to form up an awesome remix.

Matt Black – I think the Arek Bal remix is the best one for me. It’s different in a good way and i also quite like the Xplore Full On Prog Mix. Arek Bal remix charted for December.

Facundo Romano – Only the Original and Dub version for me. The other versions are more agressive. That 2 tracks are good stuff for deeply moments, a good sounds and makes vibes too.

Sasha Le Monnier – Can see myself playing this Dub version, very nice for the beginning of sets!! Xplore’s Full On Prog mix, definately my fav out of all of them, has a great build with lovely vocals! Arek Bal mix has nice variety of sounds here with glitch, acid, electro…cool remix! Marcooz remix, nice deep deep prog !

Moshic – Xplore Full On Prog Mix and Marcooz Saturday Night Mix for me! Both are atmospheric like i like it and spacy!

Rob Passow (Disciples of Sound) – Xplore Full On Prog Mix is superb.

Raul Blanco – I like Arek Bal Contrasts remix. Great bass groove.

Jay Cox – Arek Bal Mix for me!

Tobias Hoppe – I love the release from Gudowski. My fav is Xplore Full On Prog remix. I will definately play it. Maya Ismo remix sounds very special and interesting too.

Stefan Bauer (Progressive World Redaktion) – The Xplore mixes are nice, will play them! Original is good too!

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