2007 – Carrot Fields


2007-06-29, Pure Substance Records


The next release on Pure Substance Records is invaded by yet another Polish in the name of Tomasz Gudowski. His first production ‘Check Out’ is released on Stian Klo label ‘Praesul Records’ with a remix by Terje Bakke.

Things move on pretty quickly as in March 2007, Gudowski started his own label ‘Phatt Sounds. Besides that, a recent collaboration with Deeburn as ‘Disco Mob’ with the track ‘Dirty Dishes’ will be release under the label of Deeburn & Ken Cable ‘Audioholics Anonymous’ with remixes from Patrik Bjorkman and Sonorone.

Carrot Fields features a variety of upcoming producers around the globe such as Retrobyte, Deeburn, Ture Sventon, Sonorone and Stardesign. Each mixes crafted into different moods and is ready to be unleash !


Hernan Cattaneo – Good stuff.

Fred Numf – Original is my thing mate.

James Benitez – Deeburn & Original are AWESOME !!!!!!

Disciples of Sound – Stardesign remix is excellent. Full support.

Flash Brothers – The Original mix is wicked track ! Will play it in our gigs & possibly on radio show too – your best release of 2007 ! The Retrobyte remix is also good !

Igal Magitman – Awesome release. Most of the tracks do it for me, especially the Retrobyte remix.. Good stuff for my case.

Damon G – Deeburn remix is extremely hot ! Thanks for sending this over.

M&D Substance – Big package this time and the winner is… Retrobyte remix ! This one goes best for us, strong bassline with a great melody. Will support in our radio show.

Lee Pennington – Ture Sventon Remix : Its excellent and a nice groover.

Ken Cable – Ture Sventon and Deeburn remix are right up there man !

Nicholas Van Orton – Will play this at my radio show for sure specially Deeburn & Sonorone remixes !

Christian Paduraru – Awesome stuff Kenny !! Thank you for the music, will play them and support PS.

Arjun Vagale – Totally diggin Sonorone’s productions. His mix stands out the most !! Gonna play it on my next Frisky Show.

Alejandro Rado – The Original is beautiful !!! Thanks !!!

Robert G Roy – Really a good new release for Pure Substance Records. The Original is hot ! I will support all the tracks but the Original its my favorite.

Virus J – All pack is very strong. Full support !

Andrew K – Nice to see PSR back with a big release like this. I like the “festival-sounding” Original, and Retrobyte remix rocks too. I will be playing this one.

Nick K – Excellent remix from Retrobyte and loving Deeburn mix. Ture Sventon is brilliant, just not feeling the distorted part. Great stuff though.

Guillaume Nyckees – My favorite is Ture Sventon remix. Pad is really great. Keep me informed of your next stuff.

Conor (Darey Products) – Many thanks for this, a huge set of mixes in this one ! I’m sure Matt Darey will support at least one of these, and i’ll let you know when he does.

Dj Van – Deeburn remix is simply awesome. Very Global Underground.

Sam Greive (Native) – Gotta say enjoyed the techy feel of the Stardesign Remix. Ture Sventon mix has a nice minimal feel to it also. Always enjoy Retrobyte’s work and this piece was no exception.

Terence C (Zouk KL) – Will definitely play it. Original Mix and the Deeburn Mix. Both my favorite and will be playing it for months !!

MAGMA FM Syndication Radio Show Italy – Supporting !

Chris Sterio – This is very very good.

Darin Epsilon – This is quite a release you got here. I’m liking every one of these mixes, they’re all quite unique. I would say the Retrobyte remix is my favorite version, although i’m also fond of the Deeburn and Ture Sventon mixes. I’ll try and support this release at my next gig here in Chicago.

Chad Cisneros – Original : nice groove, not too dense, will play for sure. Retrobyte : Bassline is groovy. Feel-good tune for the dancefloor. Sonorone : Kinda cool, but not my thing. Deeburn : Effective bassline and very danceable. Stardesign : Unique take on this tune, very original. I like the style. Ture Sventon : Not for me.

Jacob Todd – The Sonorone remix is the highlight of the package and it is a real killer. The Original and Deeburn remixes are also dope.

Megan for Spesh – The Deeburn & Retrobyte mixes are good progressive house chuggers that will add texture to my sets – in my bag !

Yura (Python) – Solid release ! I like the Original and Retrobyte remix ! Really like the programming, synth lines and melody Deeburn and Sonorone remix is also good ! Definitely charted as always !

Dj Peres – Sonorone Remix charted.

Progressive World Austria – Review of Carrot Fields

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