Hello all, and welcome in new year.

I invite You to connect into danceradioglobal stream this Thursday at 18:00 CET 😉 After last mix which wasn’t my best (my mixer wasn’t work good with prevs) this month i prepared something better (i think). Some new stuff from Paul Kwitek, Kintar, Peres, and Me & Marcooz. Some oldie bangin stuff from tribal/electronic/proggy melodies. I hope You will like my start in this year.

I invite You too already to my event with Moshic in March (99,9% March) in Kraków, Poland, Hedonic club. Beware 🙂

I prepared some crazy stuff to release in this year. Watch out for my project NIGHTSTALKER with Contrasts EP in ADREM MUSIC and for SILESIAN NINJA in collaboration with my friend Cryshis. And most waitly project with Marcooz, Medinet An Noor in MISTIQUE.