As You all propably know, we working with Marcooz on release really long. So here is few freshest news.

Medinet An Noor EP will be released with producetions “Medinet An Noor”, “Idylla” and “Shalom”. It will be as we thinks early 2010. We just finishing last mixes of thems and it will be forwarded to the label.

Take care for this. We have big hope that You will be satisfied after this long waiting time 🙂

Forthcoming already scheduled releases for this year:

  • AdRem Music – Contrasts EP (Incl. CJ Art and Marcooz Remixes) – 1Q 2010
  • AdRem Music – Carrot Fields Remixed pt.1 (Incl. CJ Art Remix) – 1Q 2010
  • Mistique Music – Medinet An Noor EP (Co-o /w Marcooz) – 2Q 2010
  • Phatt Sounds – Proggression Remixed (Mixed by Berti/Breakout) – 3Q 2010
  • Phatt Sounds – Proggression Tools pt.1 – 4Q 2010

I hope You like this list.. 😉