“So I really find this compilation cute.. Very groovy and electroy style, nice for deep sets, and to play in some lounge places. I copy Dirty Sanchez to my deep folder ”

“I was hearing nice stuff, I like some tracks – Deep and Dark tracks, really nice I will play some of them!”

Hassan Rassmy
“The album is great overall man, Maat Soul & Isir are my Favourite.
Keep up the Great Vibes.”

“This is TRIPNESS , awesome album , awesome beats and sounds , i like a lot ‘Heliopolis’ and ‘Synthesis’ ,’Voices Of Sahara’. ‘Isir’ is a massive track with darky sounds , madness for a warm-up in a nice underground venue . ‘Seth Drums’ , a perfect track for my sound and ‘Maat Soul’ is like argentinean deep-progressive sound.
Impressive work Thomasz !”