I present to you the third part of the “PROGREDIOR” podcast in which you will find a bit of a mixture of oriental sounds and typical progressive house. Feel the power of progressive sounds.

01. Samas (Original Mix) by Pink Noisy
02. Acceptance (Original Mix) by Ruben Karapetyan
03. Blind the Sun (Original Mix) by Derun
04. Ancient Past (Original Mix) by Guy Maayan
05. Yura (Original Mix) by Giovanny Aparicio
06. Going Deeper (Original Mix) by Darko de Jan & Diass
07. Legend (Original Mix) by Mom & Alvaro Suarez
08. Summer Tribe (Original Mix) by Pablo Gargano
09. Nostos (Original Mix) by Basil O’Glue
10. Aeons (Paul Angelo & Don Argento Remix) by GMJ