Hello listeners.

I invite You to join in to launch day of brand new radio station: InsomniaFM.com

You can meet there, hear, and talk – with all of DJ’s who supporting true progressive house sounds.


”Insomnia FM” – A portal where you can : listen electronic music , read and write about it.
This project will be massive , we hope the forum will be soon a place where you can learn new things about this music and about the peoples who listen , produce and play this cute music.

The radio will have a lot of shows , with a lot of cool artists . The guests will be some huge names and you will have the chance to listen and discover some cool beats live from some clubs around the world. We will broadcast also a lot of live sets from past till now , we will be glad to promote also the old music to make from you a perfect listener and student.

InsomniaFM have a category on forum called ”Top Charts” , a place where you can put the best tracks you heared every month .
The section ” Videos and Pics” from the forum is create for all : djs , clubbers , managers , owners etc you can post videos and pictures from parties where you was but also to promote your club or venue.

Thank you for listening us and helping us in this project.
InsomniaFM Team !

Have a good times, and unsleeped nights.. Insomnia.