Hello all.

Few months ago I started work around my second label. This time with Juno shop.

Here is details of first releases! Why releases?

HPNG001A – Gudowski – Close Encounters (Part A) [01.02.2009] Juno UK

HPNG001-A.01. Original Mix
HPNG001-A.02. Stardesign Remix
HPNG001-A.03. Isotope Remix
HPNG001-A.04. Jackie Remix
HPNG001-A.05. Deep In Calm Remix

HPNG001B – Gudowski – Close Encounters (Part B) [01.03.2009] Juno UK

HPNG001-B.01. Sonic Division Remix
HPNG001-B.02. CJ Art and Marcooz Remix
HPNG001-B.03. Douglas Howarth Ambient Mix
HPNG001-B.04. KD3 Relaxing Mix

Scheduled dates will be propably final dates. Take care… 😉

More info on www.hpng.phatt.pl