Yeah that’s right!

One of best software for DJ (for me one and only) goes for new design, new world, and new clients – with PRO version. Big campaign of Native Instruments about their Traktor.Pro and TraktorScratch.Pro have already massive effects.

I invite You all to get it to Your hands, as Traktor user from many years. Buy it, learn it, spin all over the world.

Traktor.Pro and TraktorScratch.Pro for me is really better choice than other software like Ableton (crap for me – too many young djs splitting sets on it by 12 hours in 1 hour set, idiotism). Funcionality of Traktor when You mixing live is really really NICE! Think about it, there You can find MORE fun, and MORE energy.

Traktor, ftw.

Check PRO versions 11.11.2008!