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TRAKTOR PRO sets the standard for power, reliability, and creativity in DJing. The culmination of years of DJ software development, TRAKTOR PRO has been designed to perfectly meet professional DJs’ needs. Incorporating streamlined industry-standard workflows, 21 creative new effects, pre-assigned yet flexible MIDI mapping of all major controllers on the market, premium sound quality and up to four playback decks, TRAKTOR PRO redefines the art of DJing.

With four decks, TRAKTOR PRO makes adding tracks, loops or samples a breeze. Ultra-precise beat detection and an automatic beat-grid give you the BPM readings you need for mixing, while the new Sync Lock function ensures that beat-matched tracks never drift out of time. Intelligent loop and cue functions let you easily deconstruct and remix tracks on the fly, while the master tempo detection allows you to play with four decks and FX all sync’d automatically.

Each of the four decks integrates legendary Allen & Heath™ Xone: 92™ 4-band EQ and filters, giving you full control of the entire frequency spectrum. For more drastic sound transformation, the incredible TRAKTOR PRO effects suite contains 21 effects chainable in groups of up to six at a time and controllable in either “easy” or “pro” mode. Everything from studio-quality delay and reverb to unique tempo sync’d performance effects such as IceVerb, Bitcrusher, Ring Modulator and Reverse Grain are included, all built with Native Instruments’ groundbreaking REAKTOR technology.

Designed for the toughest of club environments and with detailed input from professional touring DJs, TRAKTOR PRO now features a user interface that truly excels in its simplicity, functionally and practicality. The interface groups together functions for logical and intuitive workflows, and is presented in a stylish design that remains highly readable from a distance. Featuring several different templates set up for different DJing styles, the interface is also completely customizable to your own specific requirements.

Crate Flick lets you browse your track collection using cover art, showing you the top portion of each track’s cover as you flip through, just like digging in a record box. TRAKTOR PRO helps you quickly find tracks visually and even works with file formats that would normally not support artwork (AIFF, WAV). All metadata for your track collection is now fully portable, making it simple to switch between different computers. Controller settings and layout information is also transferable in one easy to upload file, ensuring TRAKTOR PRO delivers a new level of usability and efficiency.

TRAKTOR PRO utilizes tried and tested processes that will be familiar to any pro DJ. Industry-standard workflows have been fully integrated into TRAKTOR PRO, whether using hotkeys, a mouse or a MIDI controller. Play, cue, hot cues, loop setting / adjusting, and jog wheel control behave in the same way as leading CD units, while portable track info and performance settings let you customize how TRAKTOR PRO works for you.

TRAKTOR PRO is completely flexible. You can use your mouse and keyboard or a MIDI controller—all major controller brands now feature pre-mapped yet fully customizable MIDI assignments for TRAKTOR PRO. You can also upgrade to TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO, and utilize turntables or CD decks to control your setup. An expansion pack for TRAKTOR PRO users includes the DVS plug-in, AUDIO 8 DJ interface, Multicore cables and vinyl and CD control discs.



Best DJ Software!
International Dance Music Awards 2009

Club World Awards

Best DJ product!
Club World Awards, 2009


“I used Traktor Pro to play out, and enjoyed it a lot. The effects are top notch, and the stability of the software as well. With this in the hands of the right DJs, we are looking forward to unforgettable nights in the clubs.”
Raveline D – 12/2008

Future Music UK

“An incredibly impressive overhaul of an already impressive DJ software. It’s a natural progression and a step in the right direction for Traktor and digital DJing in general. Traktor fans – get it. Now.”
Platinum Award!
Future Music UK – 12/2008


Best DJ Software!

Best Digital Vinyl System!

DJmag Tech Awards 2008


“Traktor Pro could be the best digital DJ solution available. The product is a result of years of Traktor evolution and the system is more refined, easier to use and more stable. DJs who use the software to take their DJing to another level will benefit greatly.”
Beatportal US – 11/2008

“I was absolutely amazed at how awesome Traktor sounds. Especially when you are playing a song very slow, backcueing and scratching. It’s hard to say definitely, but I think Traktor Scratch may have the best sound quality of any digital vinyl system.” US – 12/2008


“Traktor Pro offers intuitive handling on the highest level and once again manages to raise the bar in digital DJing.”
Intro D – 12/2008

Layman's Reviews

“Traktor Pro remains at the forefront of digital DJing software. The sound quality is second to none, the performance options are genuinely useful, and the looping tools are as persuasive an argument as you’re going to get for the validity of PC DJ alternatives over the more “conventional” methods. Combine this with the timecode media in the Scratch edition and you’re looking at one of the most fully rounded laptop DJ suites yet.”
Layman’s Reviews UK – 11/2008

  1. Fernando Salazar April 14, 2009

    Hey Tomas, i need your help i have the traktor scratch pro and i will like to use it with the total control from numark , please help me to set up the midi for this equipment i really need the tsi right for this control because the one that i have does not work correctly when i hit the load track buttom and some other ones.. thank you for your help this web site is very use full for me when i got the tracktor 3… but i upgraded the software to a higher one… and im in trouble getting this control to work.. please help me!!

  2. Tomasz Gudowski April 14, 2009

    Hi F.

    Did You have good midi mapping for Your Traktor? Because mapping of T3 and T.Pro is different, same with Vestax VCI 100, mapping from T3 not working in T.Pro.

    Anyway, if You have standard mapping, to use JOG, propably You must hold “Modifier 1” button. Check mapping in Traktor.

    Here is mapping from Numark page, but propably You already have it: – for T.Pro

  3. Matthew H April 22, 2009

    Hi Tomas
    I have two xone 1-ds allen and heath and a vestax vci 100 i wish to hook em all up,use the vestax vci for all my levels etc. and my xone 1-ds as the effects looping etc!!is this possible??

    any help would be greatly appreciated

    Cheers Matthew H

  4. Tomasz Gudowski April 23, 2009

    Hi Matthew, Ill try respond You in weekend, tomorrow propably I launch own forum board about controlerism, native instruments software and hardware. At this moment I can provide You very good forum board where someone will help You for sure, its DJTECHTOOLS forum. Just click a banner in menu, and enjoy.

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